PSB Fire-Rated

Designed for enhanced fire safety, PSB Fire-Rated is engineered to meet stringent fire resistance requirements. It holds certifications for fire-rated performance, including 60 and 90 minutes fire doors by Dubai Civil Defense. This variation is suitable for both internal and external fire-rated doors, offering reliable protection in case of fire emergencies.


  • PSB Fire-Rated undergoes rigorous testing to achieve its certifications, ensuring its ability to withstand fire and maintain structural integrity.
  • It meets the fire safety regulations and is a preferred choice for projects where fire safety is of utmost importance.
  • PSB Fire-Rated retains the sustainability and eco-friendly characteristics of Desert Board’s other products.


  • E=O classified product
  • Fire Performance: Certified for 60 and 90 minutes fire doors.
  • Can have a variation of finishes of lamination and veneers
  • Thickness Range: up to 74mm


  • Internal and External Fire-Rated Doors
  • Fire-Rated Partitions
  • Fire-Rated Ceilings
  • Fire-Rated Cladding
  • Fire-Rated Furniture and Cabinetry